Oversized cargo

We create difficult transit schemes of oversize and heavy cargoes worldwide.

We choose the most useful and the most optimal sorts of transport for the transit such as:

Marine transport in the containers of Flat Rack type;
Ferry lines;
Auto-transport on the Low Loader Trailers;
Railway transport.

We carry such cargoes: combines, tractors, constructional technique, industrial equipment, agricultural technique, metal cutting machines, fittings, yachts, etc.
We perform safe cargo placement and fastening according to all requirements. Operative receipt of all necessary permits. We organize the escort of guard and police where it is requested by the transit regulations of oversize and heavy cargoes.
We transport the automotive oversize technique by Ro-Ro ships MAFI- trailers. We carry oversize cargoes in the hold or on the deck of ship.
You will get all necessary consultations and information about the transportation of Your cargo. We will present the best variant of tariff.