Other services

Intra-Port Forwarding

Our Intra-Port Forwarding Services include:

  • Handling cargos arriving/leaving shipped by sea;
  • Handling ocargos arriving/leaving shipped by railway;
  • Issuing Port Cargo (Containers) Clearing Documents;
  • Transporting the container to follow the Customs Transit Procedure;
  • Repacking cargoes from railway rolling stock (a railway carriage, platform), containers, motor vehicles;
  • Loading, unloading, placing and fixing cargos in vehicles /containers;
  • Handling Ro-Ro cargos at terminals;
  • Arranging inspections to be provided at the port by National Inspections Authorities;
  • Weighing containers.

We will support your shipment to be provided with appropriate documents and information, safety, reliability as well as the return of containers to the port on the timely basis.
We are willing to consult you on any issues concerning the support of documents, repackaging works and port clearing.

Cargo Insurance

The insurance of goods and cargoes to be carried by various vehicles allows to compensate the losses due to cargo damage or when the cargo gets lost due to accidents and dangers occured in transit. The amount of compensation depends on Insurance Amount to be covered.
The Insurance Contract permits both quickly to reimburse losses resulted from an incident which might occur at the time of transit and protect the interests of the Insurer and his business partners.
The Insurance Contract is valid for all the countries specified in the Insurance Policy.
Our Company works with the leading European Insurance Companies. The Insurance Companies will calculate the Insurance Fee based on essential data for every specific case and on the most favorable terms.


To your convenience we are happy to offer our well-equipped places to temporarily store your cargo in Lithuania and the whole range of other services to be provided at the container terminal to handle cargos arriving/leaving shipped.
The Warehousing Services to be provided may apply both mechanical and manual handling attachments.
Our services include:

  • Warehousing on the temporary and long-term basis.
  • Repacking your cargos from railway carriage, containers, motor vehicles.
  • Reloading loose, bulk and packed cargos.
  • Reloading non-standard and oversized cargos and storing at open sites .
  • Controling and issuing documents.
  • Selecting, sorting, marking, repackaging cargos.

Customs clearing

Goods Customs Clearing is the area which demands to learn much about customs laws and requires to keep up with all the amendments to be entered into legal enactments.
Our team is always willing to assist in customs clearing procedures to avoid your troubles and forced waste of time.
Our services include:

  • Preparing and issuing documents to authorize your cargo;
  • Issuing transit documents;
  • Completing customs declarations;
  • Representing the interests of the Client at customs authorities.